The DPS Method

Miura Given our extensive experience in the sector, DPS has developed and implemented a process of debt recovery focused on ensuring success. The DPS method is intended to provide our clients with a rigorous, specialized and flexible service.

rencontre femme russe en france gratuit DPS Consulting consists of a highly qualified team, whose legal training and expertise enables them to manage each case using the appropriate legal arguments, maintaining our clients’ image and obtaining a successful recovery. Further, in the event that our efforts to collect outside court fail, we take the debt recovery to the next step, by taking legal action against the debtor in court.
The method we follow is intended to handle a large volume of clients. We can handle such large volume by efficiently managing our customers’ debt portfolio by using an advanced software that allows us to carefully monitor the status of all data, including offering our clients real-time access to any particular account.
Our extensive practice in the field of debt recovery, has prepared us to overcome any obstacles that the debtor may present us with. Our extensive experience has prepared us for any legal challenge the debtor might interpose to try to avoid paying.

The DPS Method

As soon as we receive a new file we proceed to insert it into our software so that it is ready to micromanage any action that our team of professionals might take.

The first step that we follow here at DPS is to try and contact with the debtor, either by letter, text message, instant messaging or e-mail, in order to notify them of the debt generated, and the steps necessary to solve this problem.

Subsequently, the case is assigned to a legal professional, who will contact the debtor to negotiate a settlement. This negotiation will be conducted at all times according to the parameters our clients have provided us.

Pares Seixas is the law firm that lets you perform a service with a high degree of satisfaction, having a scope and very high success.

At the same time, between the file arrival and during the entire process, our expert team of researchersinvestigates the debtor, trying to find as much data as possible, in order to facilitate further contact. This research overcomes one of the main difficulties of the recovery, which is locating the debtor.

If our efforts are proven to be fruitless, our legal team is ready to take the debtor to court, to reclaim the debt, assisting our clients legally to protect their rights.

The DPS Method is the tool that we put at the disposal of our clients, offering them a flexible, specialized, and rigorous service, which can assure a successful debt recovery.

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